About Class Levels

Dancers in classNew Beginner (Level 1) classes include:

  • braceo: arm movements
  • taconeo: footwork patterns
  • marcaje: marking patterns
  • palmas: hand-clapping
  • vueltas: turns
  • choreography

dancersinclass3Advanced Beginner (Level 2) classes include all of the basic elements in flamenco from the “New Beginner” class, with more progressive footwork patterns, turns and choreography. Saturday 1pm class (Level 2) is for beginners looking to advance their studies.  

dancersinclass1Intermediate (Level 3) classes include technique for increasing complexities and speed in footwork, upper body stylization, incorporating full body expression in choreography. Included in this level, palmas, musicality of palos and more depth of understanding compás with various palos. Thursday nights offer an hour technique class, followed by an hour choreography class, all specific for Level 3 dancers. Choreographies are prepared for Student Showcases presented each year.

dancersinclass2Intermediate/Advanced (Level 4) classes are geared towards students with interest in performing. Tuesday night classes in San Francisco focus on performance technique for stage and performance choreography. Prior flamenco training is required.