About Us

Virginia Iglesias In class

Photo: Christine Fu

The Flamenco Academy of Dance, founded in 1991 by Ms. Iglesias, offers both group and private instruction to adults and children in all levels of flamenco dance. Gifted in the art of teaching, which is made apparent by her large and enthusiastic student body, Ms. Iglesias is a motivating and inspiring teacher, committed to making learning both enjoyable and challenging for all levels of dancers.

Her special talent to break down steps with clarity and speed as well as her quick observance of problem areas enable students to progress rapidly.

With 23 years of teaching experience, the refinement of her skills has made her an immensely popular instructor, known for her humor, imagination and particularly dynamic classes, attracting students from international destinations.

Flamenco Academy classes are appropriate for both the casual and serious dancer. Classes are accompanied by flamenco guitarist, singer and musical director Jorge Liceaga, allowing the student to directly incorporate the music, cante [singing] and comp√°s [rhythm] of flamenco. Classes are structured in progressing levels of development from introductory to preprofessional training, with many students of the Flamenco Academy continuing onto professional work.

Beginning Classes

Beginning level classes focus on technique and body awareness. Along with braceo [arm movements], taconeo [footwork patterns], marcaje [marking patterns], palmas [hand-clapping], vueltas [turns] and choreography, the history, structure, vocabulary and emotions of flamenco are also explained to offer the students a more comprehensive training. Classes are structured into 7 week sessions allowing students to progress with technique exercises and the workshop choreography. New choreographies are taught in each new workshop throughout the year.

Observing Class

People interested in observing class are welcomed. No video taping is permitted during the class.

Student Performing Opportunities

Student performing experience is offered with yearly recitals and various community shows. Students of the academy have performed in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, the San Francisco’s Youth Arts Festival, San Francisco’s City Hall and various community theaters and events.

Advanced Classes

Advanced level classes are geared towards the students interested in more performing experience. As well as focusing on both technique and choreography, emphasis is placed on stage presence, palmas, communication with musicians and strength building for performance.

Alma Flamenca

An extension of her teaching academy, consisting of her advanced and pre-professional students, Alma Flamenca was founded in 2000 for the purpose of giving unique and highly qualified professional performing experiences to flamenco dance students of the Academy.


Students are welcome to call or email questions, or simply come to their first class 10 minutes early to register. Women should wear a long, full skirt if possible, and a leotard or top comfortable to move in. Men should wear comfortable pants and a top. Shoes for both men and women should be hard soled, enclosed and low heeled [1 inch] or flat. Please no sandals, sneakers or bare feet. For a complete list of locations to purchase dancewear and shoes locally, please see ‘what to wear to class’

For class times and location, please see Classes.