Our flamenco classes are now online!

First and foremost…We hope you and your loved ones, are all staying healthy and safe and weathering this storm with the most grace we can muster. We send our prayers to you all every day!

We are ONLINE!

We have limited resources for recording LIVE classes, but we now have a library of pre-recorded videos for you to study flamenco every day, and at the time of day that it is best for you.


The platform we have to work with is FaceBook. We need to be FB friends to allow you to join the class groups.

Please friend request me @

Once we are connected on FB and your payment has been made, you will be invited to [2] Levels of classes. You will see this under your *Notifications* so look there. Bookmark your class page so you can find it easily for your next study time.

Your group will include 2 levels, so if you are level 3 and need to review, you will have level 2 exercises. Same for all levels.


Price for 1 month access is $60…which is $15  for 1 class/week.

You can study our videos as many times as you like, so 40 times a week is same as 1 time a week!

We will be adding videos every month, so please send us feedback on what videos you would like to see added to the library.

If you were enrolled before COVID19 started, you have Flamenco Academy Credit! Use that.

Just email me and we will enroll you to the course levels with your pre-paid monies.

 New to Flamenco Academy?

Please fill out a New Student Registration Form

email me if you have questions about which level is best

Ways to Pay:

[please pay as a friend /not for goods/ so we do not incur fees]

Venmo: @virginiaiglesias




Tempo metronome with Setlist is $2.99

Flamenco Compas is $4.99

If you have neighbors, you can try footwork on a rug using a softer shoe, but we do recommend a 1 inch high and a fat heel [like your favorite ankle boots!]