Advanced Beginning Footwork Technique (Level 2 and 3)

Photo: Christine Fu

Advanced Beginning Footwork Technique for Level 2 and 3

Please note NEW SCHEDULE for Saturdays ONLY IN JULY….Ms. Iglesias is in private sessions. Level 2-3 classes start at 2pm this month only.

Current session through June 29

Next session: July 6 – August 3 [5 weeks]

2-3 P.M. Saturday/ Footwork Technique

5 weeks ~ $110


  • This class is tailored to Beginner dancers with knowledge of basic flamenco technique.
  • For those dancers wanting to add a second class to their weekly dance schedule, this class focuses on learning more footwork patterns and improving strength and speed with footwork.
  • Includes progressive footwork patterns, palmas, turns & markings!

Recommended for dancers with minimum 6 months training.



Please complete ‘New Student Registration Form’ before purchasing / attending class.


Please bring a check made out to Virginia Iglesias, or cash to your first class. To pay with credit card, please use the PayPal link below to purchase online before arriving to class.

5 weeks ~ $110 [With PayPal convenience fee: $114]

Please see our cancellation/refund policy below.