Sevillanas Workshop (All Levels)

Flamenco Dancers doing Sevillanas

Photo: Christine Fu

Sevillanas Workshop … All Levels Welcomed!

Next Session: November 9 – December 14

Yes! … we will have class on Saturday November 30

1-2 P.M. Saturday/ Sevillanas ~ We are learning the 4th Sevillanas!

5 weeks ~ $110


The Sevillanas is a colorful and exciting style of song and dance that is danced by pairs or groups of people. This style of dance is performed at fiestas of all kinds throughout Spain, [weddings, family parties] but especially during the feria, when women will wear the Traje Gitanas, the colorful ruffled dresses that add character and grace to the dance.

Young or old, everyone dances! For many, dancing Sevillanas is something they have grown up with and learned simply by being constantly surrounded by it.


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Please bring a check made out to Virginia Iglesias, or cash to your first class. To pay with credit card, please use the PayPal link below to purchase online before arriving to class.

5 weeks ~ $110 [With PayPal convenience fee: $114]

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