New Beginner Workshop (Level 1)

Virginia Iglesias In class

Photo: Christine Fu

Highly recommended for the absolute New Beginner!

Technique for New Beginners

Current session: May 5 – June 16 [7 weeks]

12-1 P.M. Saturday/ New Beginner Workshop

7 weeks ~ $130


Learn colocación [posture], braceo [arm positions], taconeo [footwork patterns], marcaje [marking], palmas [hand clapping] and choreography.


Beginners will study Colombianas in this session. This musical form or Palo is part of the Cantes de ida y vuelta, music of the Spanish soldiers and sailors mixed with the African music that was heard in Havana and other Spanish ports and the native Inca and Aztec musical constructions. When the fleet went back to Seville, new hybrid sounds came back with them, which rapidly became popular. These “cantes” or “cantos” (songs) went back and forth with the sailors, hence their denominations as “cantos de ida y vuelta” (songs of back and forth). Learn more about this fun dance here!


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7 Weeks ~ $130 [With PayPal convenience fee: $134]

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