New Beginner Workshop (Level 1)

Virginia Iglesias In class

Photo: Christine Fu

Highly recommended for the absolute New Beginner!

Technique for New Beginners

Summer Session: July 14 – August 25 [7 weeks]

12-1 P.M. Saturday/ New Beginner Workshop

7 weeks ~ $130


Learn colocación [posture], braceo [arm positions], taconeo [footwork patterns], marcaje [marking], palmas [hand clapping] and choreography.


Beginner Level 1 is always the best place to start your flamenco studies. This summer we will focus on all the components of flamenco dance with posture, arm work and  footwork, with a special emphasis on the 12 count music of flamenco. We will include palmas in your classes, to help understand the music and the accents needed, as well learn choreography for 12 counts. A great time to begin your studies!


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Please bring a check made out to Virginia Iglesias, or cash to your first class. To pay with credit card, please use the PayPal link below to purchase online before arriving to class.

7 Weeks ~ $130 [With PayPal convenience fee: $134]

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