Colombiana — Now in ‘New Beginner’ Classes!

Jan 2,2018   | News

New Beginners, we are studying Colombiana!

‘New Beginner’ classes offered 3 times a week

Cantes de ida y vuelta is a Spanish expression literally meaning roundtrip songs. It refers to a group of flamenco musical forms or palos with diverse musical features, which “travelled back” from Latin America (mainly Cuba) as styles that, having originated in the interplay between Spanish musical traditions and those of the African slaves and Native Americans, developed into renewed forms that were reintroduced in Spain. Usually they have a more mellow character than the more traditional flamenco songs.
Learn about Colombiana here! [Wikipedia, Cantes de ida y vuelta]

Musicians for this [above] video can be seen [in this next video] performing.

Now Let’s Dance it!! 

‘New Beginner’ classes offered 3 times a week! Learn colocación [posture], braceo [arm positions], taconeo [footwork patterns], marcaje [marking], palmas [hand clapping] and choreography.

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